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Our Story


Elmore Lewis was founded on the belief that dressing well doesn’t always have to be complicated. Our goal is to change the way you think about fashion by offering high-quality, minimalistic unisex watches and accessories at a revolutionary price. We want to build an exclusive community of ambitious, driven, passionate individuals who want to make a statement with Elmore Lewis timepieces.
Our vision is to be a household brand name that promotes the idea of success and ambition. We set out to inspire a community that shares a passion for quality, hand-crafted products and the #elmorelewis lifestyle our products promote. We are striving to build a community that encourages engagement and ambition across the globe for people from all walks of life.
Our products are designed & crafted to complement all styles. We take pride in providing world class customer service to make your Elmore Lewis experience one of a kind. We are so confident that you’ll love our products that we offer a two-year guarantee plus free shipping and returns worldwide (read more in our returns policy).
As modern fashion progresses, we have noticed what society want is simple, refined accessories which do not boast complexity and instead simple yet functional presentation. At Elmore Lewis, we are happy to present to you simple, elegant timepieces that compliment multiple fashions styles, with the underlying theme of nautical fashion.

One of the key features which make our watch one of the more versatile on the market is the unique new system to interchange straps, requiring no tools, only your hands. Removing and changing an Elmore Lewis watch strap, whether a NATO strap of a Leather band, requires no more than a firm slide of the small button, hidden on the back of the band, making our watches perfect for any occasion.